Closing of Hostilities

26 May 2021, online @ Zoom
The End comes and the Borderline Offensive community embraces it together.
As the Festival concludes, be part of discussing the future of the Borderline Offensive platform!
Work language is English.

@ Zoom
Theatre Workshop with Zoukak Theatre Company, 2019
10:00 – 16:00, @ Zoom
(Un)Safe Space with Serra Özhan-Hocaoglu
A safe space gathering for people who feel marginalized to come together, share their experiences of marginalization and agree on common ground for action, with focus on art and humour: what is fine or not to make fun of, and for whom? What moral values are challenged, exacerbated or promoted by the humour that we use?
Idea Bazaar: New Project Development
What must we do making use of art, humour, playfulness and joy to improve society and our lives? Join one of the group discussions to pitch, shop or exchange ideas and build new cooperation projects.
Lunch Break
Future Strategies with Nina Kjallquist, TILLT
In 2017, Borderline Offensive declared war on Fear (of Others, Dialogue, Uncertainty, Future, Peace, Creation, Change and Psychological Mindedness) in its artistic Manifesto. In 2021, after many battles, the community must re-write its propaganda for Europe and the World. Join a participatory process to collect Borderline Offensive's future message to the people.
Coffee Break
14:30 – 15:30, @ Zoom
Borderline Offensive Assembly, chaired by MitOst e.V.
At the final community gathering of Borderline Offensive 2017-2021, everyone joins a public assembly to decide it's future: Will the war on fear continue?
Serra Özhan-Hocaoglu
Project manager at Tandem at MitOst (Germany). For a decade she was co-managing of the Tandem Turkey programme, aimed at establishing long-term partnerships between cultural organisations from Turkey and the EU countries. Currently, she works at Head of Turkey Programmes at MitOst, where she supervises a follow-up programme of Tandem Turkey called "VAHA: Building Common Ground for Spaces of Public Discussion and Dialogue"
Nina Kjallquist
Project and process manager at TILLT based in Gothenburg, Sweden. TILLT is an organisation with a vision of a sustainable society where art contributes to human growth. They initiate development projects where art and culture meets the challenges in different, non-artistic societal arenas.
Workshop with artist Heba Al Ansare, 2017

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