Keynote Lecture by Andrea Spehar

25 May 2021, @ Facebook Live
With Andrea Spehar
A lecture providing an expert's overview of the migration phenomenon across Europe, produced in collaboration with Gothenburg's Stadsbiblioteket and the University of Gothenburg.
Work language is English.

@ Facebook Live and from Göteborgs Litteraturhus
Co-creation with migrants at CZKD, Belgrade, 2018
Experiences of Refugee Integration: Sweden and the European scene

45 minute lecture on the current practices of refugee integrations across Europe. Focus on Sweden vs. Other European realities; public discourse in historical vs. contemporary migration waves; refugees own experience of the integration process.
Andrea Spehar
Director of the Centre on Global Migration (CGM) and senior lecturer at the University of Gothenburg. Her fields of interest comprise migration and gender policy development in Europe.

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